Post Of The Week – Sunday 5th November 2017

1) Louis Theroux – Talking To Anorexia

I was a bit nervous about what this programme contains and about putting it on a blog post. There is a danger in writing about anorexia that it is made to seem attractive to those who are vulnerable. That was not the case with this programme. As the title shows, the programme was not an attempt to explain what anorexia is or where it comes from, although that was certainly touched on, but rather to talk to the people who live with it. The result was scientifically informed, compassionate and powerful.


2) All In The Mind

Follow this link to this week’s All In The Mind. There is an item on the effectiveness of awareness raising campaigns about mental health. There’s also an interesting piece on the Woebot.


3) Nature Nurture

There has been some discussion this week about nature and nurture, specifically in relation to education. This piece offers some sound analysis.


4) Why Don’t We Let Young People Contribute To Cutting Edge Science?

This article is by a Physics teacher, Becky Parker. Its focus is on science but it could apply equally well to the Psychology we do. I think the findings on the wall in C11 from the research projects last summer have something valid to say.


5) Salvador Minuchin

This is Minuchin’s obituary from the New York Times. We come across his theory about family systems when looking at anorexia nervosa. It is worth noting that Minuchin saw his theory as not blaming families. It is also worth noting how at the time the idea of looking at the family to understand an individual’s distress was revolutionary.


6) Interactive Map Of The Brain

Here is a very good map from BrainFacts.

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