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Post Of The Week – Thursday 19th June 2014

1) Evolutionary Explanations Of Fighting Behaviour In our A2 course, we look at two lots of evolutionary explanation in some detail. In Eating Behaviour, we consider evolutionary explanations of food preference. We consider specifically the idea that we have evolved to be an intelligent species which eats cooked meat. The discovery of how to cook […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 16th January, 2014

1) Following Up Research Into Childcare I’ve had an enjoyable week looking at research from the AS groups about childcare. Two things have stood out. Firstly, in 12C, we saw some evidence about the positive effects of being cared for by grandparents on children of pre-school age. We decided that this was about continuity, about […]

Attachments And Family Therapy

“A further strength of Ainsworth’s classification of attachment types is that it has been applied to the development of family therapy and systemic therapy.” Since Ainsworth defined different types of attachment forty years ago, researchers have been working to refine her findings and to use them to help people deal with difficulties in their lives. […]