Monthly Archives: September 2013

Post Of The Week – Thursday 26th September

1) Asda and Tesco withdraw ‘psycho’ patient outfits This story has broken today and has caused an angry response in many people. These products perpetuate the stigma of mental health and the stereotype that people with mental health problems are diseased and dangerous. Many people have had their say in this BBC article. These include […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 19th September

1) Is psychotherapy for depression any better than a sugar pill? The text books for our course all refer to studies which show that therapies for depression work. The standard line is that people receiving either biological or psychological therapies do better than people without therapy. Another standard claim is that people combining psychological therapies and […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 12th September

1) Locked Up For Being Ill? In the AS course, we look at three definitions of abnormality: failure to function adequately, deviation from social norms and deviation from ideal mental health. People who fail to function adequately or whose behaviour deviates from social norms are likely to end up in contact with the police. This […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 5th September

1) Soda Wars By the time you see this post, the fourth and final episode of The Men Who Made Us Thin will no longer be available. The programme looked at ways forward to deal with the crisis in obesity. One approach which has been taken is to tax or to limit the sale of […]