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Post Of The Week – Friday 27th December

1) Ben And James Versus The Arabian Desert James Cracknell had a serious brain injury three years ago which almost killed him. In this programme, he and Ben Fogle try to cross the Arabian desert by camel. I thought this was a slightly pointless programme in that it is supposed to be them alone […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 19th December

1) Autism – Intense World Theory As part of our study of the development of a sense of self, we look at the idea that people with autism lack a theory of mind. The assumption is that there is something in the developmental process which prevents people with autism from developing the ability to see […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 12th December 2013

1) Online Dating We did this a week or two ago in A2. Here’s a link to an article which covers some of the same ground as we covered in our lesson. I forgot when I was teaching this topic about the very good TED talk from Amy Webb on reverse engineering dating websites. […]

The Influence Of Childhood On Adult Relationships – Why This Is Interesting

By the time you read this in your lesson, you will know how Bowlby’s and Ainsworth’s theories have been used to show how childhood experience influences adult relationships. You will also know some evidence about Ainsworth’s attachment types and adult relationships. You will know about how this evidence has been criticised and how different methods […]

The impact of different forms of day care on children’s social development, including the effects on aggression and peer relations.

Day care was in the news earlier this year. In January, the UK government announced that the rules about the ratio of carers to children for childminders and nurseries were to be relaxed. Each carer would be allowed to look after more children provided the carer’s qualifications met new standards. You can read about this […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 5th December

1) Social Understanding And Social Lives Here’s a link to the book which has just won BPS Book Of The Year award. We’ve just finished looking at the development of a sense of self and theory of mind in A2 Cognition And Development. Reading students’ essays this week has left me with the impression […]

Sexual Selection And Human Reproductive Behaviour

The aim for this sub-topic is that you work very independently in order to master the key ideas and the evidence. We’ll make a start in class and share ideas at the end: the middle phase is up to you. Getting Started Use the summary in your resources booklet as a starting point. You can […]