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Making Your AS Learning Really Strong

I’ve seen some examples of great learning both in lessons and in work which people have submitted in the run up to the AS exams. I’m noticing what people are doing well and things which you need to focus on to do even better. If you can work smart as well as work hard, you […]

A2 Psychological Research And Scientific Method – Extension Tasks

People tend to think that this topic is just about learning your notes and is therefore dull. That isn’t right. Here are some links to items which will enrich and deepen your understanding of the core we study in class. The Application Of Scientific Method One of the controversies in this area is the File […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 24th April 2014

1) Professor John Aggleton On Memory This podcast features John Aggleton of Cardiff University. His research is in how memory works inside the brain. He talks about HM, about the complexity of the systems for laying down a memory and the connection to dementia. This talk reminds us of the connection between being able to […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 17th April

1) Oxytocin – Myth And Truth Oxytocin is a hormone which has had a mention or two on this blog, most recently last week in relation to research suggesting that it could be used to treat autism. This article explains three of the myths surrounding oxytocin and what research actually tells us. It’s a nice […]

Post Of The Week – Friday 11th April

A day or two late …. but it is the holidays. 1) Two From The Naked Scientists These podcasts are worth a listen. Both interviews are carried out by school students who ask the right questions. This one contains an interview with Dr. Tim Fryer about how PET (Positron Emission Tomography) works. PET is […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 3rd April 2014

1) Horizon – Living With Autism This was broadcast on Tuesday and is amazing. It features three of my Psychology heroes: Uta Frith, Simon Baron-Cohen and Richard Cowan. The last of these was one of my tutors when I was a student. The programme does a great job both of explaining what we know and […]