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Post Of The Week – Tuesday 27th July, 2021

1) Neocortex And Cerebellum Here’s Hank Green talking about these two areas and why they might be important for what makes us uniquely human. This is useful for showing us how neuroscience changes as assumptions are challenged. 2) Disorders In our course, we study Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as an example of a pathology. In doing […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 10th July 2021

1) Fragile Rationalism To Collective Resilience These two concepts are discussed in this paper by Stephen Reicher and Linda Bauld about the response to the pandemic of the UK government. They are interesting for us because the idea of fragile rationalism seems to me to owe its origins to the work of Asch, Milgram and […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 3rd April 2021

1) Online Apps For Depression One of the strengths of CBT for depression which we consider as part of our course is that CBT can be adapted for online use, making it accessible for people who might not want to see a therapist face to face. This article suggests that such therapy can be effective. […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 13th March 2021

1) Understanding Melancholy This radio programme offers some insights into melancholy. The programme starts with a historical perspective, looking at how melancholy was understood in the early modern period. It then looks at the recent experience of mental distress. 2) A People’s History Of Depression This article also takes a historical perspective. It’s an interview […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 13th February 2021

1) Social Cognition We’ll be look at this as a sub-topic in Year 2 after half term. Here, Barbara Sahakian and colleagues look at the impact on young children interacting with each other because of pandemic restrictions. It’s a story about nature and nurture. It is also a story about the connection between social cognition […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 23rd January, 2021

1) Brain Drain As you work at home in lessons, you may keep your phone alongside whatever device you are using. There’s evidence that even having the phone there takes up memory and processing capacity and prevents you from processing whatever you are supposed to be doing. Here is a review of that evidence. 2) […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 16th January 2021

1) Mysteries Of Sleep The BBC is repeating a series of three programmes about different aspects of sleep. You can access all of them here. They look useful for our work on Biopsychology in Year 2. 2) Arts On Prescription This article looks at evidence that arts workshops can have a positive impact on people’s […]

Post Of The Term – Saturday 19th December 2020

The blog has been inactive for a while. It’s been a busy term. Here are some Psychology highlights of the last three months related to our course. 1) The Battle Over Dyslexia In Psychology, much depends on how we define disorders. This article tells the story of how dyslexia was originally diagnosed, how that diagnosis […]

Post Of The Week – Sunday 13th September, 2020

1) False Memory We’ve started Year 12 with a practical on false memory. It uses the same procedure as Year 13 used at the end of last term. Here’s a piece of video from TED Ed about false memory. Its author is a professor at Harvard. 2) Poverty, Well Being And Diet I have been […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 25th January, 2020

1) Science Of Evil This is essential listening for us in relation to the Social Psychology we do. It places the work of Asch, Milgram and Moscovici as well as some other psychologists in its social context and specifically cultural context. It does so in a critical and informed way which adds to our understanding […]