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Post Of The Week – Saturday 20th September 2014.

1) The Biochemistry Of Depression The amine hypothesis is still our starting point for understanding the biology of depression. The idea is that depression is the consequence of imbalances in the key neurotransmitters, noradrenaline and serotonin. It’s an idea that has been around for the best part of half a century and one which is easy […]

Exam Feedback: September 2014

I’ve spent some time looking at both the AS and A2 exam results from DHSG and DHSB. I can see marks for individual questions and can relate these to how we covered each topic and how students did in assessments. I also have access to mark schemes and examiners’ reports. A2 I spent a lot […]

Report On Research Methods End Of Topic Test

Grade Boundaries A*: 27 A: 24 B: 21 C: 18 D: 15 E: 12   General a) There are two aspects to this topic you need to get right. The first is to master the ideas about the major features of science: replicability, theory construction, objectivity, peer review etc.. The second is to master the […]

A2 – Back To Essay Writing

We’ve spent a bit of time away from essay writing doing Addictive Behaviour and Research Methods. In the final couple of weeks of the course, we’re going back to essay writing, revising some of the topics. Revision for essays has been running on Friday mornings. I’m grateful to the people who have turned up for […]

Making Your AS Learning Really Strong

I’ve seen some examples of great learning both in lessons and in work which people have submitted in the run up to the AS exams. I’m noticing what people are doing well and things which you need to focus on to do even better. If you can work smart as well as work hard, you […]