Monthly Archives: August 2013

Post Of The Week – Thursday 29th August

1) The Men Who Made Us Thin (Again) This programme has continued to cover research relevant to our course.  Here’s a link to Programme 3. One section of this deals with the controversy generated by Dr. Katherine Flegal’s research which challenges the claim that a BMI of more than 25 is associated with poorer health outcomes. […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 22nd August

1) The Men Who Made Us Thin When I first saw this programme advertised, I didn’t think it would have much to do with the research we cover in the A2 course. That’s not right. The second episode last week looked specifically at the idea that we can eat what we like provided we burn […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 15th August

1) Memory I thought it would be good to write something about memory this week to continue to redress the bias towards A2 in previous posts. Here’s Sebastian Seung talking about the connectome in a TED lecture. This represents a way of thinking about memory radically different from the older theories we study in the […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 8th August

1) BBC3 – It’s A Mad World The season of programmes on mental health is now at an end. If you have missed any, please go to You might like to see this commentary from Mind which I think sums up well why these programmes have been so important. 2) Status And Stress […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 1st August

1) What Makes Us Human I met a former student, Matt, this week who has just completed his degree at Plymouth University. He’s chosen to specialise in Comparative Psychology. That’s basically about comparing the brains and behaviour of humans with those of non-human animals. He’s been involved in research projects at a couple of the […]