1) Psychotherapy Does Not Work For Everyone The problems of biological therapies in the form of drugs for depression are well rehearsed. There’s evidence that they work but they clearly don’t work for everyone and the extent to which they work in reducing and eliminating symptoms is debated. We don’t really know what they do […]

1) Relative And Absolute Risk This isn’t strictly speaking a piece of Psychology but it’s a very good example of how statistics sometimes mislead. In this video, David Spiegelhalter from Cambridge explains how claims about increased risk for a particular action or intervention are not necessarily what they seem. There’s a job to be done […]

1) Brian Williams And Reconstructive Memory Brian Williams was, until very recently, an anchorman for NBC news. That makes him famous, an authority figure presenting the news on one of America’s longest standing TV channels. He has stepped down from his job because a story he told about being in a helicopter which was shot […]

1) The Scientific 23 We come across Sarah-Jayne Blakemore’s work on developmental neuroscience when we look at the adolescent brain in A2. Increasingly, we refer to it during other parts of the course. She has been significantly involved in promoting public understanding of science and science as a career. This website is designed to do […]

1) Morality – Story Of Now When we look at Kohlberg’s theory of moral understanding, a criticism is that in looking at how people respond to hypothetical scenarios, Kohlberg misses out a whole raft of elements in the process of making a moral choice. In recent years, Psychology has become interested in working out what […]

1) Arrival Of The Fittest We are all familiar from Darwin with the idea of survival of the fittest. Mutations lead some individuals to have a better chance of survival than others. These genes then get passed from generation to generation, creating an evolutionary adaptation. What is less clear is how these mutations occur. That […]

1) Horizon Special – What Is The Best Diet For You? http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/28kV5mpZvcDtJ2hyDbZ5h1p/what-s-the-right-diet-for-you These programmes have been on during the week and will be available on iPlayer for the next three or four weeks. I haven’t had the chance to see them but they seem to cover many of the themes and issues from our Eating […]

1) Connectome We have a look at the work of Sebastian Seung when we study the multistore model of memory. His big idea is that we are our connectome. In other words, it is how neurons are connected in our brains which make us who we are. He’s just published a book about his ideas. […]

1) Stress Does You Good We are about to enter the time of year in AS when we start the stress topic. At the heart of much of the research in this topic is the idea that stress is a bad thing. Research is now starting to question this, as these references from TED show. […]

1) A calorie is not just a calorie A friend of ours came round to visit just before Christmas. She is a student nurse. She is particularly interested in the impact of nutrition on health. She had a couple of interesting things to say about some of the content we cover in the A2 Eating […]


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