Monthly Archives: May 2015

Post Of The Week – Saturday 30th May 2015

1) The Talking Cure Here is a well made programme about talking therapies, interspersing interviews with critical commentary. There is a really good section on psychoanalysis which I was going to use for the A Level course until I realised that there is no reference to psychoanalysis in the specification. There is however a section […]

Post Of The Week – Sunday 24th May, 2015

1) Age As A Risk Factor In Alcohol Addiction You need to wind 32 minutes into this programme. It features Valerie Voon from Cambridge talking about the neurobiology of addiction. She explains that there are two reasons why people in late adolescence and early adulthood are vulnerable to addiction to alcohol. There are basically […]

Post Of The Week – Sunday 17th May 2015

1) Two Minute Neuroscience Here is a playlist of some very useful neuroscience videos. 2) Brain Fade This audio clip from the BBC uses some neuroscience to explain what happens when politicians cannot answer questions or golfers cannot hole putts. There is a very nice example of this in this piece of video. […]

Post Of The Week – Sunday 10th May, 2015

1) Varenicline In Reduction As Well As Cessation Of Smoking Most trials of smoking cessation start with people who commit to stop smoking on a particular date and follow them to see for how long they can stop. This does not however reflect the way many people give up smoking: gradually reduce their level of […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 2nd May 2015

1) Depression As A Cellular Response In thinking about classification and diagnosis of depression, we contrast the idea of depression as an illness which needs to be cured with the idea of depression as a natural response to setback and trauma which has survived for sound evolutionary reasons. This article explores this idea through […]