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Post Of The Week – Thursday 29th May 2014

1) The Enigma Of The Teenage Brain In the run up to the exam, I have been finding it quite hard to show people how to write about biological explanations of social cognition. You need to start off by explaining what the pre-frontal cortex does, then look at evidence which suggests that changes in social […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 22nd May

1) Mental Health In Adolescence I spent some tutor time recently with my Year 8 group working on adolescent health issues. We were supposed to be looking at drug use, eating disorders and self-harm. You can see the results of their work on my classroom wall. What emerged very quickly was an understanding that the […]

Report On Research Methods End Of Topic Test

Grade Boundaries A*: 27 A: 24 B: 21 C: 18 D: 15 E: 12   General a) There are two aspects to this topic you need to get right. The first is to master the ideas about the major features of science: replicability, theory construction, objectivity, peer review etc.. The second is to master the […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 15th May, 2014

1) Randomised Controlled Trials In Education If you are in the A2 groups, you will have done this week a research methods test based on fictitious study of a teaching strategy. As I made it up, I wondered what would happen if such a study was conducted in real life. The answer to some […]

A2 – Back To Essay Writing

We’ve spent a bit of time away from essay writing doing Addictive Behaviour and Research Methods. In the final couple of weeks of the course, we’re going back to essay writing, revising some of the topics. Revision for essays has been running on Friday mornings. I’m grateful to the people who have turned up for […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 8th May 2014

1) Alan Baddeley And Working Memory Here’s an extended lecture by Alan Baddeley talking about working memory. It’s about 40 minutes long. In it, he describes where his ideas about working memory came from, how they developed and what challenges remain in understanding how memory works. When I put together your notes, I try to […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 1st May 2014

1) Khan Academy – Psychology Videos The Khan Academy aims to produce a world class education for everyone. It does this by making videos which cover a range of academic disciplines and which are free online. It has just started producing Psychology related material. Here are two, one about Kohlberg and one about Vygotsky. They cover […]