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Post Of The Week – Sunday 29th November, 2015

1) Nature-Nurture For many years, I used a television programme made by the psychologist Oliver James to explain psychological explanations of depression. James is about to publish a book where he challenges the idea that decoding the human genome can tell us much about human behaviour. He falls very much on the nature side of […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 21st November, 2015

1) Serotonin – The Happy Brain Chemical? There’s a problem with understanding the role of serotonin. SSRI antidepressants work by increasing the amount of serotonin available in the brain. They work, at least for some people, but only after a few weeks of medication. This begs the question of what serotonin does. One answer in […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 14th November 2015

1) Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration One of the issues we look at when considering classification, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders is co-morbidity. Put simply, people tend not to have conditions in isolation but have more than one thing wrong with them at a time. This becomes awkward when doctors are diagnosing conditions because they have […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 7th November 2015

1) Neurotribes This book is by Steve Silberman. I have included a link to his TED Talk on autism on the blog before. The book has just won the Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction. Here’s a review about it from The Psychologist. 2) Omega 3 For explanations for the success of dieting in A2, […]