Monthly Archives: September 2015

Post Of The Week – Saturday 26th September, 2015

1) Keeping A Spotless Mind We’ve been getting interested in cognitive neuroscience in AS this week. We’ve been looking at the idea of looking inside the brain if we want to understand what actually happens when we remember something. We have also been thinking about how insights from neuroscience move us away from the mechanistic […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 19th September 2015

1) Violent Video Games This Horizon documentary takes you through several pieces of research on video games. What’s interesting here is not so much the conclusion but the research process. We have some classic laboratory experiments, some correlational evidence, a study which addresses one significant extraneous variable and some current neuroscience. We end up […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 12th September 2015

1) Screen Time And GCSEs This news story refers to a research report which tracks children’s activity over a few years and relates it to exam outcomes. Children who spend longer in front of a screen tend to do worse. This is a great example of how correlational evidence works and, perhaps more importantly, […]

Post Of The Week – Sunday 6th September 2015

1) Replication In Psychology The debate is still rumbling on about the findings of the replication project which suggested that a high proportion of Psychology studies from a sample of 100 which were tested failed to be replicated with the same results. This is an intelligent contribution, with a particularly interesting example of fear conditioning […]