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Post Of The Week – Thursday 1st May 2014

1) Khan Academy – Psychology Videos The Khan Academy aims to produce a world class education for everyone. It does this by making videos which cover a range of academic disciplines and which are free online. It has just started producing Psychology related material. Here are two, one about Kohlberg and one about Vygotsky. They cover […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 20th February

1) Medicine Of Our Minds In Psychology, we rely on randomised controlled trials to establish the efficacy of drugs. Some people get the drug, others get a placebo but no one knows which they are getting. All might equally believe that the pill they are taking is having some effect. If the drug is really […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 10th October

1) Rudi Dallos And Attachment Theory. Rudi Dallos is a professor at Plymouth University. He is also an expert in family therapy and in systemic therapy. Family therapy is what it says it is while systemic therapy helps people explore issues in their lives by seeing connections to different experiences and influences. This is relevant […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 12th September

1) Locked Up For Being Ill? In the AS course, we look at three definitions of abnormality: failure to function adequately, deviation from social norms and deviation from ideal mental health. People who fail to function adequately or whose behaviour deviates from social norms are likely to end up in contact with the police. This […]