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Post Of The Week – Monday 16th February 2015

1) Brian Williams And Reconstructive Memory Brian Williams was, until very recently, an anchorman for NBC news. That makes him famous, an authority figure presenting the news on one of America’s longest standing TV channels. He has stepped down from his job because a story he told about being in a helicopter which was shot […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 18th October, 2014

1) Memory, The Hippocampus And HM We’ve had an interesting week in AS looking at the multistore model of memory. In particular, it has been interesting to look at the link between the model and current research into memory. There is a story at the heart of this research which, on the face of it, […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 28th August 2014

1) Synaptic Pruning And Autism When we study biological explanations of social cognition, we look at the process of synaptic pruning which happens during adolescence. The brain seems to go through a process of reorganisation where connections between synapses are reduced and the amount of grey matter declines. The idea is that this happens in […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 26th June, 2014

1) A Few Things About Depression When we look at CBT both in relation to depression but also in other areas, we look at the idea that CBT works better for some people than for others. It is therefore difficult to make a claim about the effectiveness of CBT: so much depends on the suitability […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 12th June

1) “In My Room” by Jim Lucey Jim Lucey is a psychiatrist in Dublin. The room in the title refers both to the room in which Jim Lucey sees his patients but also to the idea of creating a space for our own mental health. The book focuses on the stories of individual patients: Lucey explains in […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 3rd April 2014

1) Horizon – Living With Autism This was broadcast on Tuesday and is amazing. It features three of my Psychology heroes: Uta Frith, Simon Baron-Cohen and Richard Cowan. The last of these was one of my tutors when I was a student. The programme does a great job both of explaining what we know and […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 20th March, 2014

1) Why Is Addiction So Powerful? Here is a one minute read from the Neurosphere website on addiction. View at Medium.com The homepage has access to loads of clearly written and beautifully illustrated short articles. 2) Fast Food And Obesity When we look at psychological explanations of obesity in A2, we look at the idea […]

Post Of The week – Thursday 27th February, 2014

1) Horizon On How You Really Make Decisions This programme looks at the way in which logic and intuition govern the decisions we make. It features the work of Daniel Kahneman from Princeton University. I’ve only managed to watch a few minutes so far but, as with the other psychological Horizons recently, it looks really […]