Monthly Archives: October 2013

Post Of The Week – Thursday 24th October

1) Inside Science – Steve Jones and Robert Plomin There’s been some controversy over the last couple of weeks about genetics and intelligence.  There are several articles online about what Dominic Cummings, an adviser to Michael Gove, said or didn’t say about genetics and intelligence. Much more sensible is this discussion between two highly respected […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 17th October

1) Doug Kenrick Being Entertaining We come across Doug Kenrick’s work when we look at theories about sexual behaviour and parental investment in the Relationships topic in A2. Here he is in a TEDx lecture talking about this and other research, all of which relates to his concerns in Evolutionary Psychology. Wide ranging and entertaining. […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 10th October

1) Rudi Dallos And Attachment Theory. Rudi Dallos is a professor at Plymouth University. He is also an expert in family therapy and in systemic therapy. Family therapy is what it says it is while systemic therapy helps people explore issues in their lives by seeing connections to different experiences and influences. This is relevant […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 3rd October

1) Dancing Statistics The British Psychological Society has just produced these videos to explain statistical concepts. AS students have seen the correlation one already. The others are also worth watching, although less directly relevant to the questions you will need to answer in the exams. 2) Reverse Engineering Dating Websites When we study the formation […]