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Post Of The Week – January 30th 2014

1) Horizon – Sugar vs Fat The Eating Behaviour topic in A2 focuses on research into how mechanisms inside our brains and our bodies control what we eat. We explain obesity by considering what happens when these mechanisms go wrong and we look at explanations of the success and failure of dieting. Central to this […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 23rd January 2014

1) Treating Depression Via Video Games Traditionally, the problem with people getting treatment for depression was seen to be that people would not go to their doctor to discuss their mental health. Increasingly, the stigma of mental health is diminishing and people are prepared to talk about their issue. The next battle is to get […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 16th January, 2014

1) Following Up Research Into Childcare I’ve had an enjoyable week looking at research from the AS groups about childcare. Two things have stood out. Firstly, in 12C, we saw some evidence about the positive effects of being cared for by grandparents on children of pre-school age. We decided that this was about continuity, about […]

A2 Depression – Critical Questions On Explanations And Therapies

How we answer the critical questions for each of the sub-topics for Depression depends in part on evidence for other subtopics. It makes sense therefore to put all of the evidence in one place. Please note that there is plenty of material on this blog which did not make it into the resources booklet and […]

Post Of The week – Thursday 9th January 2014

1) A Couple More Things About Depression When we were looking at the clinical characteristics of depression, there was some surprise that about twice as many women as men are diagnosed with depression and that depression is increasingly a disease of late adolescence and early adulthood. In previous versions of this course, the gender issue […]

AS Stress – Bigger Picture Thinking

In our lessons, we will concentrate on core text book research into stress. You will be looking at definitions, studies, strengths and limitations. Some of those studies are quite old. However, we can’t let the topic pass without looking at some of the research being done right now. This research both gives you a better […]

Issues Of Classification And Diagnosis

Once we have described issues of classification and diagnosis for depression and seen what the evidence might be for each of them, there are some broader questions which we need to consider. a) How does self-ranking explain why there are such high rates of under and over-detection of depression? To answer this question, you need to […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday January 2nd 2014

1) Depression – Some Bits I Had To Miss Out I’ve been working in the last week on the A2 Depression topic. There is some great research now being done in this area. I have included some contemporary research in the resources I’ll be sharing but inevitably could not include everything. The most interesting area […]