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Post Of The Week – Saturday 20th February, 2016

1) In The Mind When this blog started two and a half years ago, references to public perception of mental health in the media were rare enough to include a link in a post. They have now become so common that it would be foolish to include everything which comes up. The centrepiece of the BBC […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday 6th December, 2014

1) Pre-Frontal Cortex, Limbic System And Criticism From Your Parents In A2, we have just finished looking at biological explanations of social cognition. The big idea is that the limbic system organises our emotional responses while our prefrontal cortex inhibits and regulates them. Adolescence is the time when these systems reorganise themselves. This means that […]

Post Of The Week – Saturday, 11th October 2014

1) How The Brain Navigates There has been some publicity about the award of the Nobel Prize for Medicine/Physiology to John O’Keefe of UCL and two Norwegian researchers, May-Britt Moser and Edward Moser. Their research has focused on the systems in the brain which allow rats to navigate. Here is the news story. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-29504761 This […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 22nd May

1) Mental Health In Adolescence I spent some tutor time recently with my Year 8 group working on adolescent health issues. We were supposed to be looking at drug use, eating disorders and self-harm. You can see the results of their work on my classroom wall. What emerged very quickly was an understanding that the […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 8th May 2014

1) Alan Baddeley And Working Memory Here’s an extended lecture by Alan Baddeley talking about working memory. It’s about 40 minutes long. In it, he describes where his ideas about working memory came from, how they developed and what challenges remain in understanding how memory works. When I put together your notes, I try to […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 13th March, 2014

1) Smoking, Depression And Anxiety And Stress When we study depression, we look at the idea of co-morbidity. People who suffer from depression tend to suffer from something else as well. This is interesting from the point of view of diagnosis because the doctor has to decide whether it is the depression or the other […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 24th October

1) Inside Science – Steve Jones and Robert Plomin There’s been some controversy over the last couple of weeks about genetics and intelligence.  There are several articles online about what Dominic Cummings, an adviser to Michael Gove, said or didn’t say about genetics and intelligence. Much more sensible is this discussion between two highly respected […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 26th September

1) Asda and Tesco withdraw ‘psycho’ patient outfits http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24278768 This story has broken today and has caused an angry response in many people. These products perpetuate the stigma of mental health and the stereotype that people with mental health problems are diseased and dangerous. Many people have had their say in this BBC article. These include […]

Post Of The Week – Thursday 12th September

1) Locked Up For Being Ill? In the AS course, we look at three definitions of abnormality: failure to function adequately, deviation from social norms and deviation from ideal mental health. People who fail to function adequately or whose behaviour deviates from social norms are likely to end up in contact with the police. This […]