Post Of The Week – Saturday 25th January, 2020

1) Science Of Evil

This is essential listening for us in relation to the Social Psychology we do. It places the work of Asch, Milgram and Moscovici as well as some other psychologists in its social context and specifically cultural context. It does so in a critical and informed way which adds to our understanding of the work while also exposing its flaws. There are some details, especially about Moscovici’s work, which do not normally appear in text books.


2) Eco Psychology

This programme from daytime radio in the US wanders a bit but focuses on the importance of the natural environment for well-being.


3) Autism May Share Genetic Variants With Other Disorders

When we looked at genetic variations linked to anorexia nervosa, we saw that they were linked to other disorders. This article explains a similar story for autism. This is important because it challenges the idea that psychological disorders can be reduced to biological differences, with each disorder having a different profile.


4) Ed Bulmore On Inflammation

We used Ed Bulmore on nature-nurture in Year 2 talking about the interplay of genetic and environmental factors. Here he is writing about inflammation and the link to psychological disorder.


5) How To Be An Effective Climate Activist, According To Psychology

Lots of good research in this article, including a reference to recent work by Albert Bandura. I must admit to not knowing that he was still alive.


6) REM Sleep

This is worth watching not only for an understanding of how sleep works but also for what it tells us more generally about the interconnectivity of the brain.


7) Understanding The Brain

We often talk in lessons about how research is advancing our understanding of the brain, particularly as ways of studying the brain become more sophisticated. Here is an example of that sophistication. This article is a caution against such optimism. Understanding the brain is as sensible an aim as understanding a city.


8) Eating Behaviour

Here is a piece on reasons people choose to be vegan. In Year 2, we have been thinking about the social-cultural factors which influence obesity. This article explains much of that.


9) Working Memory

If you are learning to drive or planning to do so and think you have a poor working memory, you might want to read this.


10) Acclaimed scientist gets brain surgery for alcohol addiction

This is the headline for this article. The article makes it clear that addiction is complex and challenging, meaning that more than brain surgery is needed. Read this to understand something of the biochemistry of addiction.


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