Post Of The Week – Saturday 28th October 2017

1) OCD As Dysfunctional Habit

This podcast from MQ looks at OCD not as the product of irrational thinking but as a dysfunctional habit. The idea has been around for a while and is controversial but the research and the personal testimony are interesting.


2) Aspergers And Me

Chris Packham’s documentary last week was excellent. Here, he responds to what others have said about it.


3) Haslam And Reicher On Milgram

We looked at Haslam and Reicher’s work on riots and crowds when we looked at conformity. Here, they use the idea of social identity to criticise Milgram’s study of obedience. There are two key ideas. Firstly, when the participants collude with the researcher to give the shocks, they are not mindlessly entering an agentic state as Milgram suggested but actively following a procedure designed, they think, to develop scientific knowledge. Secondly, the prod which demands that they obey is the one most likely to lead to the person stopping: “you have no choice, you must continue”. The article is excellent in bringing together a number of critical sources on Milgram.


4) How Natural Is Numeracy?

We study Baillargeon’s theory about an innate physical reasoning system in Year 2 cognition and development. This article specifically looks at the question of whether we are born with an innate sense of number.


5) And Our Memory For Faces ….?

This article looks at how we recognise or don’t recognise faces, going back to research originally done in the 1980s.


6) A Couple Of Issues And Debates

I’ve been thinking about nature and nurture this week with this coming up as a topic. This piece on a gene for alcohol dependence and depression was therefore timely. I’ve also been thinking about culture in Psychology, making this video relevant.


7) And Finally ….

With the clocks about to go back, here is a timely reminder about circadian rhythms and the sleep/wake cycle.


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