Post Of The Week – Saturday 11th November 2017

1) All In The Mind

There’s a very good discussion of work being done to understand depression as a response to changes in the immune system at the end of this week’s All In The Mind. It’s coherent in that it shows us that we do not have to think of depression simply as a disorder of thought as our course asks us to do. It is also useful in that it shows us that we do not have to think of the brain as separate from the rest of the body. In similar vein, this article discusses similar emerging evidence for schizophrenia.


2) The Medical Model

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the medical model, focusing on writing about biological determinism in Year 2 sessions. These two articles appeared on Friday and have contributed to my thinking. On the one hand, this article looks at the misconceptions which arise when we ignore the biological aspects of eating disorders, explaining why we need an integrated model of these disorders. This is a transcript of an interview with Peter Kinderman which challenges that model, suggesting that we need to focus on the social aspect of disorder rather than medicalising it,


3) Francis Galton

We’ve touched on his life and work when looking at nature and nurture. Here is much more about him from the Galton Institute.


4) Free Will

In our lesson on free will and determinism, we watched some fairly old video featuring Patrick Haggard administering Lebet’s procedure. Here is his latest work exploring the same themes: a complex academic paper but it shows that what we study in A Level relates to what is being researched now. Also on free will is this piece from the Naked Scientists. It links nicely to ideas about reductionism which we will explore next week.


5) Self-Actualisation

Exactly how we’re supposed to think about self-actualisation has bugged me for a while. This article features work by Doug Kendrick, who appears in a piece of audio we use when evaluating Maslow. It summarises research which conceives of the hierarchy in a different way and looks at how self-actualisation relates to social status.


6) More Virtual Reality Therapy

Here’s a video report from the BBC.


7) A New Way Of Studying The Brain

….. in non-human animals, at least. Click here.


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