Post Of The Week – Sunday 25th March 2018

1) Genetic Basis Of Educational Achievement

Here’s the latest from the IOPPN on genetics and educational achievement, looking ate differences in polygenic scores between students in different types of school. This should get us thinking about nature and nurture. Students, you won’t be surprised to hear, are different from each other.


2) Psychological Treatment Through New Technologies

We’re looking at cognitive behaviour therapy next week in Year 1 as part of the cognitive approach to explaining and treating depression. Here is Pim Cuijpers talking about the use of technology to develop CBT. He talks about how mobile technology can make the process of monitoring mood and practising thought catching much more effective. He also explains some of the challenges of doing randomised controlled trials when the technology is changing so rapidly.


3) Meta-Analysis

In the Year 2 sessions last week, I showed you how meta-analysis showed that evidence for behavioural interventions for addiction is methodologically flawed. I contrasted this with the quality of work for other types of therapy. This blogpost about some meta-analysis of studies into the effectiveness of e-therapies made me stop, think and reconsider.


4) The Science Of Crowds

Here’s a piece about the science of crowds from the BBC. It features reference to the work of John Drury whose research on identity we look at in the context of conformity.


5) Beta-Bias

Beta-bias underestimates the differences between genders. This piece explores how effective treatment of anxiety requires awareness of difference.


6) Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

We looked at Mark Griffiths’ research into gambling on fruit machines this week in Year 2. Here’s a related news story about regulation of fixed odds betting terminals now.


7) Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Here’s an interview with Sarah-Jayne Blakemore. She has just brought out a book about adolescence.

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