Post Of The Week – Saturday 30th January, 2021

1) Measuring Diversity

This blog from Kings College London EDIT lab explains some of the problems with the terms we use to describe diversity. It calls for a constant process of reflection and challenging of assumptions. That is a point we look at when considering gender and culture bias in Psychology in Year 2.

2) Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker is a professor at Harvard. Because of the pandemic, he is putting his introduction to Psychology course online. You can see the first lecture here. It’s great to watch a distinguished psychologist doing his job.

3) Giles Yeo On Life Scientific

We come across Giles Yeo in our induction task. He worked with Sadaf Farooqi on research into the genetic basis of obesity. You can hear him talk about this work on this programme.

4) Following The Rules In A Pandemic

This article explains how following the rules in a pandemic, obedience, seems to be influenced by what those around us do, conformity. It suggests that public health messaging based on individual responsibility misses the point.

5) Milgram’s Vision For Social Psychology

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, The Psychologist, published by the BPS, went back to this article about Milgram from 2011. Milgram’s research has been much criticised. This reminds us why he is so important.

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