Post Of The Week – Tuesday 30th July 2019

1) Young, British And Depressed

Channel 4 broadcast a programme with this title as part of Dispatches yesterday. I don’t have a link but it should be possible to find it however you access Channel 4. It looked at two specific issues. One was about whether it makes sense to put a label on the distress and anxiety which in previous generations has been seen as an inevitable part of growing up and which in the current generation is seen as a consequence of increasing levels of child poverty. That should concern us because it relates to definitions of abnormality. The other issue is about the use of antidepressants both in terms of their rationale and problems of withdrawal. No easy answers but well-informed and balanced reporting.


2) D For Diagnosis

I still haven’t got round to listening to these programmes . The Channel 4 programme referenced above shows that diagnosis and classification are central to how we think and act in relation to psychological disorder. I’m going to make listening to these a priority over the next few days.


3) Kevin Mitchell

Here he is talking about wiring the brain. Always worth a listen. And here he is talking about free will and determinism.


4) The Why Factor

Here is a programme on why nature calms anxiety. It relates to the work we have been doing on the effect of biodiversity and covers some of the theories relating to the work we have been doing. Here’s another programme from the same series on why we care so much about games. This links to work we do in Social Influence on identification.


5) The Human Brain Project

Here is Ed Yong explaining why simulating the brain has fallen short of its promises.


6) Who Is Still Smoking?

This article explains for which groups campaigns to stop people smoking have been least successful. Poverty, stress and poor mental health feature prominently.


7) Food Preferences

This article looks at ways to shape children’s food preferences. Modelling, which we consider as part of our course, is one of them.

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