Post Of The Week – Wednesday 22nd May 2019

1) Genetics Of Depression

Here is Ed Yong writing clearly and purposefully about the problems with research into the genetic basis of depression. I have been using this research as part of our course for a while. More recent research gives a more nuanced and plausible account of how genes might influence depression.


2) BBC Mental Health Season

The BBC has broadcast several programmes over the past week. All of the links are here. I have so far watched the Louis Theroux programme on new mothers and psychosis. I’ll admit to finding it quite troubling so please think about the effect watching these might have before you choose to do so. The reviews have been very positive though and they are important both for understanding our own mental health but also for the Psychology we study. As an example of that, here is a clip showing Nadiya Hussain engaging with the behavioural part of CBT.


3) All In The Mind

I have continued to enjoy this series. The latest, which features a report on an initiative to tackle loneliness, is here. Nothing directly relevant to our course but some useful insights into how Psychology works. Also on the radio is this documentary, Destiny And The Brain.  There’s an interview its presenter, Hannah Critchlow, here.


4) How Attachment Style Changes

In Year 1, we look at Bowlby’s continuity hypothesis. In fact, it was in the Paper 1 exam on Monday. It uses the idea that early attachment provides a template for later relationships. This study, a remarkable piece of longitudinal research, supports that core idea with some qualifications.


5) Evolution And Eating

Here’s Giles Yeo explaining three important evolutionary adaptations related to what we eat.


6) Breaktimes

Here is some research into the impact of reducing breaktimes in schools on pupil well-being. It’s by one of my old tutors, Peter Blatchford.


7) Theory Of Mind

Here is Rebecca Saxe talking about her work.

There’s a great illustration of theory of mind about five minutes in.


8) Psychotherapy, The Body And The Mind

This piece from the BPS Research Digest looks at some new research from Cuijpers and collaborators about the physiological impact of psychological therapy. There is little evidence for this view.


9) Family Therapy For Anorexia Nervosa

We use as a strength of explanations of anorexia nervosa based on family systems theory the claim that therapy based on this theory is effective. This article suggests that this type of therapy may not be effective. It also suggests that some of the therapy offered to families is not based on family systems theory at all.


10) Light And Circadian Rhythm

Here is a good piece from the BBC.


11) Phineas Gage

Here is Hank talking sense on Phineas Gage, localisation of function in the brain and how different people have used Gage’s case to suit their own agendas.


12) Babies Are Surprisingly Smart

Here’s a video from Sci Show, featuring among other things some violation of expectation research which originates with Baillargeon.

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