Post Of The Week – Sunday 21st April 2019

1) Nicotine

This article explains how nicotine replacement therapy works. It refers to a Cochrane Review which has just been published.


2) Kevin Mitchell – Innate

We have used in Year 1 some video of Kevin Mitchell talking about the impact of genes on behaviour. Here is an excellent review of his recent book, “Innate”, from Dorothy Bishop.


3) Giles Yeo – Gene Eating

Giles Yeo features in our induction task about obesity. Here he is talking about his recent research. Also on food and obesity, here is an article about the latest findings about the MC4R gene from Sadaf Farooqi and her collaborators.


4) Cultural Gadgets

We come across Cecilia Heyes when we look at research on mirror neurons. Here, she writes about imitation and learning, with some links to both research into infant-parent interaction and Vygotsky’s theory. Great stuff.


5) Extinction Rebellion And Social Change

This article looks at the effect of the impact of disruption and arrests in bringing about social change. There is more to minority influence and social change here than commitment. The process is complicated.


6) Statistical Significance

We’ll be trying to get our heads around this again in Year 2 next week. Here is a piece about why we might need to rethink the concept of statistical significance.


7) Sport And Mental Health

We might assume that sport is good for mental as well as physical health. This research from Edge Hill University focused on people who play sport or who work in sport. The rates of mental illness are alarmingly high.


8) What is the relationship between mental health and the immune system?

Carmine Pariante explains in this article.

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