Post Of The Week – Sunday 31st March, 2019

1) The Future Of Depression Treatment

In Year 1 last week, we were looking at how understanding the biology of OCD might lead to better treatment. If the genetic basis of OCD in each individual case is understood, then treatment can be personalised. This video looks at how research in relation to depression addressing this issue is being carried out.


2) Serotonin

Also in Year 1 last week, we looked at the problem of why SSRIs have an immediate effect on the brain but the effect on symptoms takes longer. How serotonin works in the brain is therefore highly complex. This article explains research which shows how serotonin is more than just a neurotransmitter.


3) New Neurons

Here is Hank talking about some recent research. You can read about it here.


4) The Puzzle Of Consciousness

Here is a piece from the BBC.


5) Antidepressant Prescriptions

The number of these continues to rise. Here is the latest from the BBC.


6) Gender

Here is a long and complex review of a new book about differences between the male and the female brain. Here is a piece about how the world is built for men.


7) Kevin Mitchell On Free Will


8) Prescribing Nature

Here’s a piece relevant to the practical on the effect of biodiversity. Here is a piece on social prescribing.


9) Mirror Neurons

We study mirror neurons as an explanation of social cognition as part of our course. This latest research suggests that we probably shouldn’t.

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