Post Of The Week – Sunday 24th March 2019

1) The Psychology Of Climate Change

Responding to climate change can be seen as an example of social change. In our course, we see social change as a consequence of social influence processes. This video explains some of the psychology of climate change.

Here is a link to the University Of California website which deals with this issue. Here is a piece about the issues which young people demanding action on climate change face.


2) Mindfulness

This podcast includes some useful research into the effectiveness of mindfulness interventions. The podcast illustrates the broad range of mindfulness activities. It also reminds us that mindfulness practices can be distressing for some people.


3) Stephen Reicher On Milgram

We use Reicher’s criticism of Milgram’s study when we study obedience. Here are some extracts from his BPS Conference address where he addresses some critical points.


4) Nature And Nurture – What Men And Women Like

This article explains whether the different preferences for males and females in romantic partners has an evolutionary or socially determined role. It is based on research carried out thirty years ago.


5) Working Memory

One of the points I make about working memory is that the research goes on. This is an example. It concerns the way in which the visuospatial sketchpad seems to have more than one store, meaning that we are able to store independently of the objects themselves the spatial relationship between them.


6) Statistical Significance

We work hard to understand and apply the concept of statistical significance. This article explains why it might be necessary to abandon the whole idea.


7) The Gut-Brain Connection

We know that the gut communicates with the brain via the endocrine system. This article looks at the connection via the enteric nervous system. Understanding this system may enable us to understand better the biological basis to a number of psychological disorders.


8) VR Therapy

We used a video about research into treatment using VR when studying phobias. Their work is worth a look here.


9) Time Amongst Amazonian Tribes

When we study Vygotsky’s theory, we look at the idea that complex processes depend on social context. Here is some research about how some Amazonian tribes deal with the concept of time. You can download some tables to understand these differences.


10) Agriculture May Have Changed How People Speak

Here’s a piece from SciShow.

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