Post Of The Week – Thursday March 7th, 2019

1) Autism And Anorexia

We increasingly come across the idea that people have more than one disorder at a time, perhaps because those disorders have common causes. This BBC report looks at how autism and anorexia are linked. It is interesting for us because the conventional psychological explanations do not apply: distorted body image, social learning, family systems. There is the issue of beta-bias: autism in women is not particularly well understood. There is also the issue of access to services. Eating disorders units are not necessarily autism friendly. This piece, by contrast, explores the link between autism and OCD. Again, the issues of common biological causes and access to therapy come up.


2) Anxiety And Depression

This from SciShow is very good. We look at depression as a disorder of thought in our course. This video takes a different route, making the link to anxiety and fight or flight. That means that we need to think about how we deal with stress, which takes us into our work on mindfulness. In connection with our research, here is a piece from Time magazine about research into the benefits of green space. On anxiety and depression, this piece from the BBC explains what is known about the links between anxiety and depression and gut microbes.


3) Evolutionary Medicine

Evolutionary explanations for psychological disorders came up in Year 1 today. Here’s a piece from Randolph Nesse exploring some of the key ideas.


4) Assessing Adolescent Well-Being

This piece looks at the overall well-being of adolescents. This piece challenges evidence about whether problem gambling really is on the rise in children and adolescents.


5) The Genetics Of Autism

Here is more on this topic, this time a very large genome wide association study. As with other disorders, there are many variants identified and links to other conditions are found.


6) Gambling And Football

In Year 2 today, we started doing some content analysis on Scott Davies’ story of gambling. Here’s a relevant news story about the extent of the problem.


7) The Stanford Prison Experiment

This article pulls together several of the current criticisms of Zimbardo’s but also Milgram’s work.


8) The Power Of Language

When we study Vygotsky’ theory, we look at the importance which he placed on language as a cultural tool. This piece looks at the claim that the words we use affect the way we think.

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