Post Of The Week – Sunday, February 10th 2019

1) Following On From Our Practical

Firstly, the video extract we watched to explain the impact of the natural environment is now here. It’s powerful.

This research paper came out last week. It comes from the Myriad team who are researching the introduction of mindfulness training into schools. For mindfulness to be accepted and be effective, there are four cornerstones: people, resources, journey and perceptions. My perception of mindfulness has changed substantially as a result of this practical. It would be good to involve more people in this research process. This piece on managing stress has something useful to say at the end about creating time for people to recover and connect following stressful, academic work.


2) E Cigarettes

When we study the effectiveness of drugs to reduce addiction, we include references to nicotine replacement therapies: gum and patches. This article looks at recent research which suggests that e-cigarettes may be more effective.


3) Genetics Of Depression

Here is a BBC piece about research from Scotland on the genetics of depression. As with the research on anorexia we looked at in Year 2 late last term, it uses a very large sample to identify a large number of genes linked to depression. What these genes do and how they do it is now the goal of this research team, who are now part of the GLAD Project. There is a link to smoking and also to neuroticism. Here is the study.


4) Can We Think Ourselves Thin?

This article looks at ideas about mindful eating which we look at in connection with psychological explanations of obesity.


5) Can We Eat Our Way To Better Mental Health?

This article is about the consumption of fruit and vegetables, The answer, at least for the time being, is yes.


6) Keeping Up With The Crowd

Here’s a piece on the psychology of crowds,including some important ideas about identity.


7) Distorted Body Perception

For a long time, the link has been made between anorexia and distorted body image. This article explains a piece of research which suggests that the same is true of people with normal weight,


8) What Causes Depression

This piece starts with the idea of serotonin as a cause for depression. It ends up being an explanation of different levels of explanation. This is essential for an understanding of anything medical.


9) Choose Psychiatry

Here is Stephen Fry talking beautifully about the promise and opportunity of research into the brain.

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