Post Of The Week – Sunday 9th December 2018

1) Hyperthymesia

This video from SciShow explains hyperthymesia, also known as highly superior autobiographical memory. There are references to the work we do on memory and also on OCD. This article makes a link to the practical we run on false memory at the start of Year 2.


2) How The Brain Works

This website from the Centre For Educational Neuroscience at UCL looks useful for explaining what we know and what we don’t know.


3) Circadian Rhythms

I have been looking for a while for an explanation of how cells maintain a 24 hour cycle without reference to the mechanisms in the SCN related to light. Finally, I found this video which explains the system.


4) Orbitofrontal Cortex

We talk about this part of the brain in connection with OCD. This article makes a link to depression.


5) Unhealthy Lifestyles

Our current Year 2 practical explores whether food choices of adolescents are closer to those of parents or peers. This article looks at the level of unhealthy choices amongst adults. It also suggests that obese parents create an obesogenic environment which leads to children also being obese.


6) Loot Boxes

This article from Mark Griffiths looks at how loot boxes in games represent a pathway into gambling for the children who play these games.


7) Meal Times

In our work on food preference in Year 2, we look at the role of evolution and learning in what we eat. We don’t however look at influence on when we eat. This article explores this idea, suggesting in particular that the times at which we have learnt to eat do not suit well the way our bodies deal with eating.


8) History Of Brain Science.

Here’s Hank on brain science in the nineteenth century. He includes some people and theories we talk about.

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