Post Of The Week – Sunday 2nd December 2018

1) Broca’s Aphasia

This video features Sarah Scott. She had a stroke when she was 18, resulting in the development of aphasia. She talks in this video about losing and then regaining the use of speech.

Here she is at an earlier stage of her recovery having her brain scanned.


2) Neural Networks

In our Year 1 course, we study the structure and function of neurons. This article from the director of NIMH explains how research has moved on to consider how neurons work in systems.


3) Genetics Of Depression

This article explains the startling progress which has been made in understanding the genetics of depression. Very large samples have been used to identify hundreds of genetic variants linked to depression. For many years, the idea that depression is the consequence of low levels of serotonin has been promoted. None of the genes here are linked to serotonin.


4) Self-Actualisation

A criticism of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is that there is a lack of empirical evidence for the hierarchy and that self-actualisation at the top of the hierarchy is poorly defined. This article explains how a recent piece of research has put these problems right, coming up with a way of measuring self-actualisation and identifying who has self-actualised.


5) Wired That Way

Here is Kevin Mitchell on genes and behaviour.


6) Heritage And Resistance

We use the example of Bedouin Arabs when we look at the influence of culture on food preference. This article explains something of the context of this finding. It mentions recipes as a cultural artefact to be preserved.


7) Behavioural Economics

As a result of doing some mock interviews this week, I have been thinking about the connection between Psychology and Economics. Here is an example of that.


8) Kellogg’s

For the Year 1 induction task this year, we use Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s programmes on obesity. Part of that includes a request to Kellogg’s to change the labels on cereal packets. This report suggests that he has won the argument.


9) Free Will

Here is Mike Gazzaniga using the idea of levels of explanation to explain the problem of free will.


10) Skills Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Training and its application to CBT is based on the idea that people develop skills which protect them against future distress. This research demonstrates that point.

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