Post Of The Week – Sunday 18th November, 2018

1) Food Preference

We’ll be starting Eating Behaviour in Year 2 very soon. Here is a podcast about food preference, including an experimental procedure where a taste test is paired with different sounds.


2) Mind As A Machine

This video is remarkable. It forms the basis for an exploration of what it means to describe the mind as a machine in this article.


3) Memory

This article explains Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory. Someone with this condition can remember past events but cannot picture the experience of being there. This relates to the work we do on episodic memory in Year 1. We define that type of memory in terms of what is remembered – where? when?who? – but not in terms of its emotional content. This article describes the abilities of super-recognisers who work in the police.


4) Nature-Nurture

When we look at twin studies, we talk about twins sharing the same environment. This article shows how even if people are living in the same environment, its impact on them will be different. Three Identical Strangers is a film about separated triplets. Here is the trailer.

Here is an article about the film. This article looks at some of the problems associated with epigenetics.


5) The Replication Crisis

This radio programme considers whether psychological research can be trusted.


6) Human Evolution Is Still Happening

This article looks, among other things, at how food preference is evolving. That is again relevant to what we do in Year 2 on Eating Behaviour.


7) Extreme Male Brain

Here is the latest from Simon Baron-Cohen and his team on this explanation of autism.


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