Post Of The Week – Sunday 4th November, 2018

1) Seven To Eight Hours Of Sleep

This article reports research which suggests that everyone needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. That’s important for the research we look at on circadian and ultradian rhythms.


2) Improving Antidepressant Outcomes

When we write about the effectiveness of a therapy, we assume that we are dealing with a simple question: either it works or it doesn’t. This article gives the lie to that idea, explaining the factors which have been found by research to be associated with depression. In connection with this, here is a piece about recovery from depression and the chances of lifetime remission.


3) Moral Decisions

When we drive, we make moral decisions. Driverless cars will need to make the same decisions. This video explains how this was researched. The research shows how morals change across cultures. The research link is here.


4) Gaming Disorder

Here is Mark Griffiths talking sense on the issue of classification of gaming disorder.


5) fMRI

This article explains how this technology is improving.


6) Artificial Intelligence Research For Smarter Football Coaching

Many years ago, I read about how Dynamo Kiev Football Club had used tests of perception and movement to assess their players. This article explains what is being done now at Chelsea.


7) Lie Detectors At EU Borders

We’re always keen on the idea that research can be applied. We’ve also done some lie detection using GSR devices in the past. This article explains how technology has been applied to people crossing into the EU and what the problems might be.


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