Post Of The Week – Sunday 28th October 2018

1) E-Cigarettes

We don’t study e-cigarettes as part of our course when we look at methods of reducing addiction. That doesn’t mean to say though that people do not use them as a way of reducing their use of tobacco. The problem is that the evidence about how safe they are is mixed and complex. This article explains.


2) Mindfulness

Later in Year 1, we will be using mindfulness relaxation techniques as a basis for a class practical. This research paper suggests small but significance effects of mindfulness based interventions on well-being.


3) Recognising Faces

This video from Sci Show explains the science behind our ability to recognise faces, focusing on one small area of the brain which facilitates this. A really good example of localisation of function.


4) Nature-Nurture And Traditional Gender Roles

This article looks at recent research which claims that in affluent societies where women can make choices, those choices tend to reflect traditional gender roles. It’s part of an argument that it is only in enriched environments that genetic differences become apparent. The article contains a convincing critique of this point of view.


5) The Clocks Going Back

This article from the BBC relates to some of the work we have been doing in Year 2 on biological rhythms.


6) Statistical Significance

Here is some real clarity from the US National Institutes Of Health.


7) Alan Baddeley

Here is a bit of Alan Baddeley talking about how he got started in Psychology and about how the cognitive approach developed.

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