Post Of The Week – Sunday 30th September, 2018

1) Sarah-Jayne Blakemore On The Teenage Brain

She is on BBC Inside Science here: you need to wind about 19 minutes into the programme. She talks about recent experiments about risk taking. There’s an interesting example of how experiments about the effect of having a peer next to you in a driving simulation game is replicated in the findings from insurance companies about when adolescents are most likely to have accidents. This in turn has had implications for changes in the law in some countries.


2) CBT And Motivational Interviewing

When we look at the use of CBT for reducing addiction, we find evidence of effectiveness to be limited. This article from a couple of years ago makes the same point. There is some long term evidence about the effectiveness of both CBT and Motivational Interviewing but the evidence raises too many questions.


3) Robert Plomin On Nature-Nurture

Here is a review of  Plomin’s new book. He’s been making the same arguments for a long time. The crucial point concerns individual versus group differences. There is a good example in the article about changes in height. Although much is made of the genetics of intelligence, it is perhaps the work in relation to mental health which is most significant. This is dealt with at the end of the article.


4) Replicability

Here is some useful discussion from Crash Course statistics.


5) Dieting

The evidence we study about dieting suggests that the great majority of diets fail. This article from the BBC  explains both how the dieting industry has been transformed and how approaches based on responding to biological signals works best.


6) Why Do People Join Cults?

This video from TED-Ed refers to several Psychology concepts: identity, snowball effect, cognitive dissonance, obedience.

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