Post Of The Week – Sunday 23rd September, 2018

1) Neurofeedback

When we study phobias, we look at the way in which a conditioned fear response is replaced with a more positive response in systematic desensitisation. The problem with this is that the person still has to be exposed to their feared object or situation, albeit in stages. Neurofeedback gets round this in an ingenious way using brain imaging. This article explains how.


2) GLAD Study

“GLAD” stands for “Genetic Links To Anxiety And Depression”. It’s been launched this week. Here’s a video about it.

I include this here not because I am encouraging you to sign up but because it shows you how the science in this area is changing.


3) The Science Of Addiction

This edition of BBC Radio 4 Inside Science covers addiction. It explores effectively how understanding of addiction is changing and challenges some of the things we think we know about physiological and psychological dependence. It also coincides with a new exhibition.


4) The Eichmann Trial

Our understanding of obedience, and in particular Milgram’s research of it as explained here, is influence by the trial of Adolf Eichmann. Our view of Eichmann is substantially influenced by the writing of Hannah Arendt. This article explains why we should question Arendt’s account.


5) Anorexia Nervosa And Attachment Style

When we study the influence of attachment, we focus on relationships. This article explains the influence on the development of anorexia nervosa.


6) The Experience Of Autism

When we define abnormality, we do so in terms of deficit: failure to function, deviation from social norms or ideal mental health. The focus is on the individual. This article explains how, in relation to autism, we need to think more about deficits in the environment.

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