Post Of The Week – Sunday 16th September 2018

1) The Complete Guide To The Science Of Mindfulness

Later in the year in Year 1, we’ll looking at mindfulness in the context of the work we do on the fight or flight response. This article summarises what is know about the science of  mindfulness. In many ways, it is like other areas of psychology. It is not entirely clear what we mean by “mindfulness” and there is some evidence of risk, at least for some groups. However, indicators are highly promising and big studies are now being done.


2) Latest Research On Working Memory

We’ll be doing working memory in Year 1 the week after next. One of the evaluation points for that is that research continues into the brain processes underlying working memory. This research into the workings of the visa-spatial sketchpad is a perfect example of that.  It is highly technical. You certainly don’t have to understand the detail for A Level. It shows though how research has moved on. They are now able to measure activity in different parts of the brain to show how we hold one image in our heads while working on another.


3) Well World

We’re going to be doing more research practicals in Psychology this year. This video

is about a research project carried out by students at Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School in Kent into the effect of a biodiverse environment on mood and well-being. You can read more about their work here and here.


4)  Gender Bias In Autism

We use diagnosis of autism as an example of beta-bias. Males and females experience autism in different ways and display different symptoms of the same underlying disorder. The research tends to focus on males, meaning that autism in females tends to be ignored. This article explains how this works.


5) The Lesser-Known Symptoms Of Depression.

This from Crash Course is important.


6) P-Hacking

This is important too


7) Hunger

And this will be useful for when we get on to Eating Behaviour in Year 2.

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