Post Of The Week – Tuesday 4th September 2018

1) Genes And Educational Achievement

This article explains recent research about the influence of genes on educational achievement. It is bigger than you might think.


2) Parity Of Esteem

Here is Will Self’s account of a friend being sectioned and placed in a mental hospital. He has some uncomfortable and controversial things to say about how we deal with mental illness.


3) ICD 11’s Gaming Disorder

This article looks at the controversy about defining gaming disorder looks at both sides of the argument.  It is a prime example of the controversies surrounding the classification of mental disorder.


4) Cheese And Human Evolution

This article looks at some of the latest evidence about the early production of cheese. It is important because it relates to the evolution of lactase persistence, something we look at as part of our work on evolutionary explanations of food preference. It is also important for seeing how quickly research in this area advances.


5) BPS Podcast – How To Study And Learn More Effectively

As we start the year and think about how to prepare for exams at the end of it, this podcast is highly relevant, with lots of good advice.


6) The Link Between Stress And Memory

This video from TED-Ed not only takes us into questions about how memories are formed but also into ideas about fight or flight. It’s helpful therefore for a couple of the things we do.


7) Zimbardo’s Experiment – Consensus Statement

There continues to be controversy about Zimbardo’s experiment, with some ill-feeling from both Zimbardo and his critics. This statement is therefore welcome. There is some science to be done here.


8) Chi-Square Test

Here is the latest from Crash Course.

You don’t need to know everything here but it is good background for the work we do.


9) Attachment And The Role Of The Father

We look at this in the context of attachment research. When much of the original research was done, it was assumed that the mother would look after the child while the father went to work. Researchers have realised that fathers play more of a role now and investigate this role. This research looks at how father’s play influences later development.


10) The Joy Of Winning

I have not watched this programme yet but it looks really interesting.

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