Post Of The Week – Tuesday 28th August 2018

1) Sleep And Studying The Brain

This article from BBC Future looks at how brain imaging is used to understand what happens in our brains when we sleep. It shows who research moves on. The research that Dement and Kleitman did in the 1950s used EEG to demonstrate different stages of sleep. Modern methods can show what happens in each stage and can speculate about why.


2) More On T Tests

Here is the next episode from Crash Course on t tests.


3) Girls Have ADHD Too

This article explains research into the prevalence of ADHD in girls. Girls with ADHD are likely to present different symptoms to boys. However, the criteria for diagnosis are based on studies done on boys. Girls therefore do not get diagnosed. This is an example of beta-bias where differences between the genders are ignored, in this case to the detriment of girls. It’s similar to the beta-bias problem in the diagnosis of autism.


4) No Safe Level For Alcohol

This BBC News story appeared last week. There’s a critique of the story here. It’s a typical Psychology story in that there is a significant difference between those who drink alcohol in health outcomes but the effect size is tiny, there are variables other than alcohol consumption which may affect the health outcomes of those who drink and those who don’t and the protective factors associated with alcohol are ignored.


5) Adrian Chiles – Drinkers Like Me

You can watch this on iPlayer. The programme uses Adrian Chiles’ relationship with alcohol to explore the nature of addiction and the risk factors which lead to it.  We see how alcohol is embedded in his social life and in some complex issues of depression and anxiety.


6) Stopping Male Suicide

This is also on iPlayer. As with the programme above on alcohol, it illustrates the complexity of the problem and looks at attempts to reduce levels of suicide. This is partly about using data to assess who is at risk but also partly about how health services are delivered.


7) Nature, Nurture And Noise

Here is Kevin Mitchell explaining some of the complexities of nature and nurture.

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