Post Of The Week – Monday 20th August 2018

1) Tobacco And Psychosis

One of the evaluation points we use when evaluating methods of reducing addiction in relation to tobacco is that many people use tobacco to help them deal with mental health problems. Methods of reducing tobacco use are likely to be ineffective if the problem underlying tobacco use is somewhere else. This article looks at evidence about why people with psychosis use tobacco. The relationship is bi-directional.


2) More On Addiction

Here are the Naked Scientists on addiction. You can  dip in and listen to what you like. The section on defining addiction is particularly good.


3) Replication

This article looks at a replication, a failed replication and a further replication. It sounds dull but it takes us to some important questions about how science works.


4) Adolescent Brain

Here is Sarah-Jayne Blakemore running through some of her work on the adolescent brain.


5) Routines

Routines can be thought of as schemas. We have an organised package of knowledge which shows us what to do when we get up in the morning, go to a restaurant etc.. This article explains why routines are so important.


6) T Tests

A bit more on T Tests from Crash Course.


7) Neuroscientist Paul Broks on Free Will and the Brain

Here’s a podcast from Paul Broks

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