Post Of The Week – Sunday 5th August 2018

1) Addiction To Online Gaming

Here is Mark Griffiths talking sense about what is or isn’t addiction to online gaming. That should remind us that when psychologists use the term “addiction”, they mean something quite specific. The details are here.


2)  The Great God Of Depression

How we think of mental illness changes as our wider culture changes. This idea is explored in this profile of William Styron, a writer whose work  brought issues of mental illness to public attention in the mid 1980s.


3) Plasticity

This article describes the startling recovery of a boy who had much of the right side of his brain removed in order to cure epilepsy. His visual field became limited but higher order functions associated with the right side transferred to the left.


4) What is it like to be sectioned?

This article looks at what it is like to be detained involuntarily because of a mental health problem.


5) Polygenic Risk Scores

This post explains the science behind these claims and predictions. It uses recent work on genetic variation and educational achievement which was included in last week’s blog as an example.


6) Brain Changes And Psychosis

Psychosis tends to develop in late adolescence and early adulthood. Being able to spot changes in the brain before symptoms become apparent has been an goal of research for some time. This article explains the progress which is being made.


7) Vegetable Maths Masters

This article explains the involvement of the British Psychological Society in a new app designed to encourage children to eat more healthily. If when you were younger you liked neither Maths nor vegetables, you might be sceptical about this but it has research to back it up.


8) Feedback In CBT

In this video, Aaron Beck and his colleagues discuss the importance of feedback from client to therapist. This reminds us that CBT is supposed to be a collaborative process and that much depends on the relationship between client and therapist.

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