Post Of The Week – Sunday 15th July 2018

1) Using Virtual Reality To Treat Phobias

A few months ago, I posted a link to a BBC article about virtual reality treatment for fear of heights. This week, a research study has been published in The Lancet. You can read about it here, along with using a link to the original study. Here is some of the original story.


2) Aaron Beck

Aaron Beck’s cognitive approach to treating depression is tied to his Jewish heritage. It is also tied closely to Enlightenment ideas about the self and the value of science. You can hear what he has to say about this here.


3) Brenda Milner

Brenda Milner is 100 today. Here is a tribute to her and her work. We know her as the psychologist who worked with HM. The article explains her work reached far wider than that. Her research was based on the experiment. That’s relevant to us in Year 1 as we finish our experimental work this term. Brenda Milner was born in Manchester. As this article explains, she still likes to keep up with the football.


4) Negative Results

When we have been looking at data collected over the last week or two, it is inevitable that we are initially disappointed by negative results. We have looked at how it is important to get past the disappointment of things not going the way you planned and to figure out what the results mean. This study is a good example of that. No significant, clinical effect for CBT for psychosis but some ideas about what to do next.


5) The Psychology Of Roller Coasters

Here’s an article which explains why people find roller coaster rides attractive: personally I don’t. It’s an interesting example of using more than one idea to explain a psychological phenomenon. There’s reference to the fight or flight response,  the role of the dopamine and the difference between good and bad stress.


6) Adult Consequences Of Adolescent Drinking

Essentially, they are not good. This article suggests that rather than binge drinking or other sorts of problem drinking, being a regular drinker before the age of 17 is linked to problems with alcohol. That then is evidence for the importance of peers and family as risk factors in the development of addiction.


7) Slothfulness

This article demonstrates how sleeping 8 or more hours per night should be seen as a virtue, not a deadly sin.


8) P Values

This piece from Crash Course explains some common misconceptions relating to p values and significance. If you’re finding this area a bit confusing but worthwhile if it makes you go back and question what you think you know.


9) Missing Heritability

Twin studies often suggest substantial heritability for particular conditions but the genetic research is still some way behind in explaining what the basis of this difference is in terms of DNA. This post from the EDIT Lab explains possible reasons for this.

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