Post Of The Week – Sunday 8th July, 2018

1) More On Zimbardo

The controversy about Zimbardo’s study rolls on. Here is a link to a piece in the BPS Research Digest. What’s particularly valuable is that you can read a pre-print of the research by Haslam and colleagues here. The idea that the study is a study of obedience rather than conformity is now clear. Working out all the different factors which came together to shape the guards’ behaviour is harder.


2) Plain Packaging Of Tobacco

This article describes a recent World Trade Organisation ruling in favour of the Australian Government’s restrictions on tobacco advertising. This is interesting for us because reduced levels of smoking and changed attitudes to it are an example of social change. A problem we note when studying social influence processes in social change is that it is difficult to identify which process has been most influential in bringing about social change. This was part of the opposition case against the Australian government: they claimed that alternative measures would be equally effective.


3) Gay Conversion Therapy

For much of the history of Psychology, homosexuality was defined as a psychological disorder. This led to people offering therapy to enable people to convert from gay to straight. This article tells some of the grizzly story. The UK government is now looking to ban gay conversion therapy.


4) The added disability from which our health system suffers is the isolation of mental health from the rest of the health services.

This is a quote from Nye Bevan, the Labour government minister who is often seen as the founder of the NHS. This article, from Wendy Burn who is president of the Royal College Of Psychiatrists explains how this isolation persists seventy years on.


5) Universal Expression Of Emotions


An interesting piece of video from TED-Ed relevant to debate about nature and nurture.

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