Post Of The Week – Sunday 13th May, 2018

1) All In The Mind

This radio programme is back for a new series. There is a piece about eye witness testimony in this episode. There is a piece about exercise and depression in this episode.


2) Britain’s Fat Fight

The final episode for this is available here. There is so much Psychology in this programme: it has been made in collaboration with the Open University. Most striking for me has been the way in which the focus of the programme has moved from people taking personal responsibility to much broader questions of society, culture and well-being. It also explores how psychological interventions can be used to address part of the problem. I found myself looking back to the ideas about mindful eating here. To take this further, this article is worth reading.


3) Asperger’s Syndrome

Here is Simon Baron-Cohen talking sense about the revelations of Asperger’s connections to the Third Reich.


4) Variable Reinforcement

This article looks at how social media platforms use variable reinforcement to keep users engaged in rather the same way that betting websites do. Variable reinforcement is dealt with here.


5) Ideal Self

When we study the humanistic approach, we look at the idea of congruence: the matching of current perception of oneself with the ideal self. This article looks at how regret arises from the decision to pursue the ought self as opposed to the ideal self.


6) Fight Or Flight

This article looks at the relationship between anxiety and anger. “Fight” implies “anger” and “flight” implies anxiety. It is not clear how they are related.


7) Royal Institution Discourses

These look interesting. Here is Giles Yeo on obesity.

Here is another interesting one on memory.

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