Post Of The Week – Sunday 6th May, 2018

1) A New Prime Suspect For Depression

We’ve seen in recent weeks how research gradually fills gaps in our knowledge. Recent research into OCD looks at how the gap between what we know about genes, serotonin and the basal ganglia is gradually being filled. There’s something similar happening in this article about depression. It looks at one particular part of the brain, the lateral habenula, and how it relates to the action of serotonin and dopamine. It has been known for a while that ketamine has an anti-depressant effect. This might explain how. We have, therefore, a connection between a part of the brain, a neurotransmitter or two and a drug.


2) How Do Brain Scans Work

This TED-Ed video covers fMRI and EEG which we need for our course. It also covers PET.


3) Britain’s Fat Fight With Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

I wrote a bit about this last week without having watched the programmes. I thought they would be useful for the obesity topics. There is much more to them than that. There are ideas about social change, behaviour change, holism and reductionism, social learning, theory of planned behaviour. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has a Psychology degree. It shows. Here is the programme website.


4) Intelligence And Race

This is an area which has bothered me for a while. This piece  provides an effective rebuttal to those who have claimed that there is a scientific base to the claim that “races” differ in intelligence.


5) Advertising Gambling

We saw in our lessons in Year 2 how the role of advertising is central to our understanding of why gambling behaviour is maintained. This article explains some of the methods used and the controversy which surrounds them.


6) Two On Food Preferences

Here is a piece about how food preferences change depending on time of life. Here is a piece on the evolutionary basis of food preferences.


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