Post Of The Week – Sunday 8th April 2018

1) Steve Silberman On Autism

Here is Steve Silberman writing powerfully about acceptance of autism. Along the way, he deals with issues of holism and reductionism.


2) Loneliness Study

The BBC has been promoting an online study of loneliness. I did the survey on Friday. Here is the information screen. On a previous screen, there were drop down boxes which explained my rights as a participant in greater detail.

Consent For Loneliness.png

Here’s the debrief.

Debiref For Loneliness.png

This shows how professional researchers tackle these issues.


3) How Babies Learn And Why Robots Cannot Compete

This extended article from The Guardian covers elements of attachment and cognition and development which are part of our course.


4) New Neurons On Adulthood

It’s an important idea but not one on which researchers can agree. Here is an article about some research which suggests that new neurons can be formed.


5) The Importance Of Friendship In Adolescence

In our work on attachment, we look at the concept of earned security.  People with difficult experiences in early childhood develop resilience in adulthood through developing strong relationships with others. This account of a recent study from the Mental Elf explains how this might work.


6) Neural Implants And Personal Responsibility

The video from which we watch extracts when looking at OCD features the use of Deep Brain Stimulation to treat the symptoms of OCD. This article looks at some of the unwanted effects this might have and what the implications might be.


7) DNA Is Not Our Destiny

This article makes the current state of the nature-nurtue debate clear, with some useful examples, including one about height in North and South Korea.


8) Some Follow Up On Psychopathology

In our Year 1 lessons just before the break, we were arguing about fundamental cause and holistic approaches to understanding psychological disorders. In particular, we have thought about how far the medical model gets us in understanding disorders. This piece from Carmine Pariante includes some of the issues which these lessons highlighted, in particular the divisions between different areas of Psychology. This research is the latest in a line of studies which points to the the importance of combining drug treatment with cognitive therapy. This piece reflects some of the latest thinking on the effectiveness of antidepressants. We also spent some time thinking about classification of disorders. This article looks at how thinking about the classification of cancer is changing.


9) Risk Factors In Addiction

This article looks at addiction to alcohol in the Punjabi community and the particular issues which cultural differences raise in creating risk and finding solutions.

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