Post Of The Week – Saturday 9th December, 2017

1) Averil Hart

We’ve been working on anorexia nervosa in Year 2 this week and will do so for a bit of next week. We’ve focused on how complex and how serious anorexia nervosa is. This news story about the inquiry into the death of Averil Hart from the consequences of anorexia nervosa serves as a sombre reminder of this.


2) The Empire Dreamt Back

This article offers an insight into a bizarre project to analyse the dreams of subjects of the British Empire in the period just before it came to an end. It’s useful for us in understanding the psychodynamic approach in Year 2 because it shows how social scientists trained in quantitative data methods early in the twentieth century had to change their approach as ideas from Freud and Jung took hold. Their collection of accounts of dreams shows how qualitative data methods can work. The insights are disturbing.


3) What Happens When You Sleep

This video appears on the Brain facts website and won a prize. Also on sleep, this article points out what happens when we do not get enough sleep.


4) Nature And Nurture

With Issues And Debates just completed in Year 2, including questions which got us to think about interactionism and stigma, this post from the EDIT Lab blog is well worth a read.


5) How ECT Works

Electro-convulsive Therapy (ECT) is still used quite widely. Nobody is sure how or why it works. This article reports one study which may have part of the answer.


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