Post Of The Week – Sunday 15th October 2017

1) Virtual Reality Therapy

I first showed students videos about this almost 20 years ago. This article explains what is being done with VR therapy now. It looks at how its time may now be coming but also what has prevented its development to this point.


2) Richard Thaler – Nobel Prize

Richard Thaler has won the Nobel Prize for Economics. His work is based on understanding how and why consumers make irrational decisions. This article explains how this works.


3) Freud

I’ve enjoyed this week working on the psychodynamic approach with both Year 2 groups. We have questioned the scientific basis of Freud’s theories, thinking about the evidence he gathered but also concerned by the subjectivity of his interpretation. We thought about the role of gender. Freud appears not to understand the perspective of women and exaggerates their weakness in comparison with men. There is also a question of ethics. Freud appears to be using the suffering of his patients for his own ends in developing theory. These issues and others are dealt with in this article by Lisa Appignanesi, who incidentally appears in the BBC programme from which I showed extracts this week. It’s worth reading to gain a more rounded view of these issues.


4) Language And Number

In connection with Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development, I have been interested for a while in the idea of ethnomathematics, the study of how different cultures deal with number. This article works along these lines, looking at how children’s problems in understanding fractions may be due to the way we describe fractions in English.


5) Steve Reicher

We’re about do so some Social Psychology in Year 1. This article, the transcript of Steve Reicher’s talk at the Latitude Festival is political and interesting. There’s a link to an article Reicher wrote about Milgram’s study which we’ll be looking at soon.


6) Michel Jouvet

Michel Jouvet discovered much about REM sleep. Here is his obituary.


7) Males And Eating Disorders

We’ll be thinking about gender in Psychology in Year 2 soon and looking at Anorexia Nervosa and Obesity later in the term. This article looks at how diagnoses for eating disorders in males are going up and what the issues might be.


8) How We Talk To Babies

We’ll be looking in Year 1 at caregiver-infant interactions later this term. This research focuses specifically on the way we talk to babies.


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