Post Of The Week – Sunday 8th October 2017

1) The Touch Of Madness

This article is a long read but, if you stick with it, a rewarding one. It describes the work of Nev Jones, someone who has both studied psychosis and experienced it. At the heart of this is how we define and respond to abnormality.


2) And Another Long Read …..

This article looks at the experience of depression in different cultures. With culture in Psychology coming up in Year 2, this article raises some important questions.


3) Nobel Prize

As we come to the end of our work on Biopsychology in Year 2, this announcement of the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine is timely.


4) Sex Differences

With gender in Psychology also coming up in Year 2, this piece on sex differences in primates is good evidence for biological explanations of gender differences.


5) Sleep And Memory

We use as an evaluation point of research into stages of sleep as an ultradian rhythm the way the core research of different stages of sleep has been applied to the question of why we sleep and how, in particular, different stages of sleep have been linked to different types of memory. This article explains how research has linked sleep spindles, spikes of activity which occur during sleep, to activity in dendrites to form new memories. Biological rhythms and plasticity join together.


6) Blade Runner

I liked the original version of Blade Runner. There is a new version out. This article explains some of the Psychology concerning humans and replicants.


7) Pre-registration, Replication And Significance

In Psychology, what we know depends on how we know. This article from Dorothy Bishop explores the lack of statistical power in some genetic studies: some of these refer to the COMT gene which turns up in AQA markschemes in relation to OCD. She suggests pre-registration as a solution. This article explores whether we need to rethink p=0.05 as a measure of statistical significance. There is a common thread. Studies can now run huge numbers of statistical tests meaning that significant outcomes are likely to turn up somewhere.

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